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On your first visit to the office Dr. deJong will sit down with you to do a thorough consultation to find out what your concerns and goals are. We will perform a complete chiropractic examination and if the initial exam indicates the need, we will do an x-ray exam. Part of what makes us different is we want to discover the causes of your health problems not just cover up your symptoms like drugs tend to do.

The initial consultation and exam will enable Dr. deJong to determine if our office will be able to help you. We don't want to waste your time or money so we will tell you if we think your concerns would be better addressed somewhere else.

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Our doctor will utilize safe and effective spinal correction techniques to relieve back pain, improve function and restore overall wellbeing. Restoring your spine to its natural position not only is effective in relieving musculoskeletal issues like:

  • headache

  • sciatica

  • whiplash

  • neck and jaw pain

  • numbness and tingling

It has been found to be beneficial in improving immune function, gastrointestinal function, reducing fatigue, relieving insomnia as well as many other common issues we suffer with.





Because the position and health of your spine impacts the function of your nervous system, your spine must be in optimal condition. To achieve the best results possible our patients perform specific warm up exercises prior to their treatment. This ensures maximum effectiveness and comfort of the care you receive.

We also employ after adjustment exercise to rehabilitate the spine and soft tissues, maximizing the lasting effect each visit has. This in conjunction with the at home exercises you will be given put you back in control of your health and ensures you get the best results for your money.

If your previous chiropractic experience has not utilized these methods you may not have been getting the optimal effects from your treatment. Come see us and experience cutting edge chiropractic care.



It seems every day that goes by we hear more proof that the standard Canadian lifestyle is the leading cause of disease. That is why we help educate you about

- nutrition

- exercise

- toxicity

- stress management



As most people know, nutrition is hugely important to your health. As a society we have been trying the low fat diet for about 30 years yet obesity, cancer, cardiovascular and most other diseases continue to increase. We can teach you the nutrition principles that enable other cultures to enjoy life that is virtually free from most of the chronic diseases that are so prevalent in North America.



No longer do you need to spend an hour on your treadmill. The latest research has shown that when the right type of exercise is utilized as little as six minutes can give you a superior workout and superior results. We will show you how.




Toxins are pervasive today, from being sprayed on our food to being sprayed on our bodies. It's not possible to completely avoid toxins but we will show you how to minimize your exposure so you can minimize the effects they have on you and your family.

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