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Take my child to a Chiropractor, are you crazy ?

Over my almost twenty years as a chiropractor I have seen this kind of response from many parents. Yet we don't hesitate to take our children to a dentist when they start getting teeth. I would argue that the spine and its effects on the nerve system are infinately more important. Recent research has shown that in births requiring intervention, forceps, suction or excessive force, ninety five percent had upper neck damage. The average five year old has had about two thousand falls with ten percent of those being serious. One of the biggest issues I see as a result of our idea that if our child isn't complaining of pain there is nothing wrong is that symptoms from spinal damage can take years to show up. I have seen many xrays of patients in their twentys with degeneration of the spine that obviously started in childhood. Much of the suffering and loss of health could be prevented with early chiropractic care, it is gentle safe and effective, if it wasn't I can assure you I wouldn't have adjusted my son the day he was born.


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