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Patient Appreciation Day.

Share the benefits of optimal health with the people you care about at our Patient appreciation day.

No charge exam/x-rays.

Optimize your Health and get rid of the Pain

Our goal is to identify the root causes of your health problems and through the use of proven methods, alleviate your pain and improve your wellbeing. Whether you suffer from neck pain, headaches, backaches, sciatica, scoliosis as well as many other problems, or maybe you have been injured in an accident, we can help. We use simple and easy to implement tips that will help you develop a healthier lifestyle and prevent disease . 

The Importance of Your Spine

 Your spine provides support and structure for other parts of your body. It gives you flexibility and it houses and protects your nerve system. A healthy nervous system is what enables your body to function properly and ensures your natural ability to heal.


When your spine is damaged or misaligned the nervous system is compromised and you develop painful symptoms and illness.


These and other reasons are why your spine is important and requires maintanence, just like your teeth or your car. We use gentle corrective chiropractic care with at home  spinal exercise as well as nutrition and lifestyle recommendations. Ongoing health talks and workshops, all designed to maximize your results.


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Why you need chiropractic


Why a Chiropractor

- Your central nervous system controls your entire body and its ability to heal

- The spinal cord is your communication highway from brain to body

- Your spine surrounds, protects and impacts the function of the spinal cord and nerve roots

Why Lifestyle

- Prevent disease instead of treating it

- No drugs or surgery approach to health

- Proven non-invasive alternatives

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